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pss supports all levels of in-store system services, system evaluation, planning, staging, rollout, coordination and installation.

support services

Custom Services & Hardware Sales

  • POS & PDT Product Development
  • Hardware Sales
  • Polling & Communication Systems
  • MIS Department Management

Help Desk Support

  • Business Hours and 24/7 Support
  • POS Coordinator or Store Support
  • Ongoing System Training
  • Problem Analysis and Resolution
  • Tax Table Maintenance and Control
  • Functionality Research and Review
  • Release Generation and Distribution
  • Documentation of Modifications

pss Depot Maintenance Program

  • Help Desk Problem Diagnosis
  • Personalization of Hard Drive
  • Spare in the Air - Overnight
  • Phone Based Installation Support
  • Hardware Diagnosis and Resolution
  • Maintenance of Customer Inventory

Hardware Service Contracts

  • On Site Service Contracts
  • Return to Depot Service Contracts

Annual Software Maintenance

  • Annual Software Product Release
  • New Hardware Driver Support
  • Operating System Upgrade Support
  • Eligibility for Software Council
  • Bug Fixes

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project management

System Evaluation & Planning

  • Project Goal Establishment
  • System Analysis
  • Project Evaluation
  • Software Requirements
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Physical Site Requirements
  • Documentation

Project Coordination

  • Internal Processing Coordination
  • Store Rollout Management
  • Documentation Generation
  • Site Preparation
  • Data Processing Interface
  • Training of Staff
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Bank Card Network
  • Cabling Vendor
  • Electricians
  • Contractors
  • Budget Control
  • Scheduling
  • Management Review

System Staging

  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Software Installation and Testing
  • Hardware Preparation
  • Store Level Personalization
  • Shipping and Receipt Verification


  • On Site System Installation

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leasing options

All About Leasing:
A lease is simply an agreement by one party (lessee) to pay a rent for a specified amount of time in exchange for the use of an owner's (lessor) property. The lessee does not own the property during the term of the lease.

Who Leases:
80% of American business and 70% of the Fortune 1000 companies lease equipment, representing 30% of all capital investment in equipment, or about $225 billion dollars worth of equipment in the year 2000.

Why Lease:

"If an asset appreciates, buy it; if it depreciates, lease it."
  • Conserve Credit
  • Conserve Credit Lines
  • Significant Tax Benefits
  • Hedge Against Inflation and Technology
  • No Down Payments and Extended Terms
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing

    At the End of the Lease:
    The lessee will usually have the option to purchase, re-lease, or return the property to the lessor. When the property is to be purchased, three main options can be considered:

    1. A "Buck Out" option means at the end of the lease the lessee may purchase the equipment for $1.00.
    2. A "10%" option means the lessee will purchase the property for 10% of the original value. Other percentage levels can also be chosen.
    3. The "FMV" is the Fair Market Value approach, where the property is purchased at the current, end of lease, Fair Market Value.

    pss Leasing Programs:
    pss has worked with several leasing program providers to establish leasing programs specific to the requirements of the retail industry. Our leasing programs include support for not only the hardware but the software, installation, labor, freight, and service contract fees as well. Feel free to contact pss with any leasing questions you may have.

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